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Raising F2B Mini Golden Doodles

in our country home just for you.

Welcome, interested future mini golden doodle owners.

The Minature Goldendoodle is not a purebred dog.  It is a cross between two of the world's best and smartest dog breeds:  The Golden Retreiver and the Toy, Miniature, or small Standard Poodle. 

We raise Miniature Goldendoodles, which average 20-35 pounds as an adult, so you get the large dog temperament in a smaller size. 

Mini Golden Doodles



Sweet Bella

I watch over four humans (two little ones and two big ones). The big ones think they’re in charge, but it’s the little ones that get my tail in a wagging frenzy.

If my humans manage to stray from me, please give them a call. I can’t leave them to their own devices for long!

Sometimes being man’s best friend is a ruff gig. Training and caring for my humans is an arduous but rewarding process.