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Golden Acres Mini Doodles

We are located on an acreage near a small town in rural northeat Nebraska.  Our parent dogs live with us in our country home, where they receive lots of attention.  The puppies are born in our home and will continue to be raised inside until they go to their new homes.  We live on over 6 acres of land so the dogs and puppies have plenty of space to run, play and get to enjoy the outdoors.

They are exposed to dogs, children, and other household noises like vacuum cleaners, dishwasher, and washing machine/clothes dryers.  All this stimulation makes the transition to their new home much easier and less stressful for all involved. 

After plenty of research, we believe the perfect family pet with an awesome and easily trained personality, is the golden doodle.  The nearly complete non-shedding is a huge bonus.  Our son has allergies to most pet dander, but he has no troubles with our goldendoodles.  The mini goldendoodle is also the perfect size for a house pet, with the personality of a big dog.

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Phone:  402-640-5078