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Puppy Health Guarantee and Agreement

Puppy DOB: ____________________

Puppy Birth Name: ___________

Gender & Color: ____________

This agreement is between Seller and Buyer:________________________.

Date Buyer took possession of puppy: ___/___/____

Puppy Health Guarantee

General Health:   I guarantee that the health of each puppy is deemed as excellent to the best of my knowledge.  The puppy has been examined by my licensed veterinarian, and is current on vaccinations and worming as of (date) ______________.  Due claws have been removed.  Written records are given with each puppy including the worming dates and vaccination information.  I will provide a written guarantee for the puppy's general health for 72 hours after the pickup date of your new puppy.  To uphold the contract, the buyer must have the puppy examined by his/her licensed vet at his/her expense within these 72 hours.  If the vet finds the puppy unfit for sale during the 72 hours, the puppy may be returned to the seller at the buyer’s expense for a full refund.  Unfit for sale on account of an injury sustained, or illness contracted after the sale of the puppy does not qualify.  Seller must receive a copy of the certified vet exam, from Vet clinic’s letterhead, signed by buyer’s licensed veterinarian stating the results of the puppy exam.

All puppies come with 1 year (from date of birth) guarantee against life threatening hereditary defect, a statement setting forth such defect from diagnosing Veterinarian, on the Veterinarian's letterhead, must be forwarded to the seller within 24 hours of such determination.  The seller reserves the right to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian of her choice, at her expense.  All other veterinary and transportation expenses are the buyer’s obligation.

If the puppy is found to have a life threatening hereditary defect, the seller will reimburse buyer for veterinary expenses related to the defect up to the purchase price of the puppy, with the buyer retaining ownership of the puppy.  This warranty does not include viral illnesses, infections, improper bites, hernias, hypoglycemia, Guardia or coccidiosis.  Nor does it include any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals, physical injury, or issues whose cause is unknown or may have an environmental link.

This guarantee is non-transferable.  If the puppy has been sold, or given away, the health guarantee becomes void.  All veterinary costs are the owner’s expense.  If the puppy has been physically injured or abused in any manner, this guarantee is void.  

If the puppy is diagnosed by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), or other accredited certifier, as being severely dysplasia on or before 12 months of age, the Buyer must submit a copy of the OFA report to the seller.  A veterinarian cannot make the diagnosis, it can only be made by OFA, Penn Hip, or other accredited hip specialist certifiers, and the puppy must be sedated for the radiograph to be taken.

The puppy must be kept current on all vaccinations including a rabies vaccination after 4 months of age.  The puppy should be kept on a flea and tick preventative as well as a monthly heartworm preventative.  The puppy must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age.  Copies of these records are required to be submitted to seller if buyer is requesting reimbursement.  This health guarantee is void if the puppy has not been given necessary vaccinations, regular heart worm, or is housed in an outdoor kennel.  Dogs must be housed indoors for warranty to be honored.

If within the first 30 days of ownership, the buyer may return the puppy to the seller at the buyer’s expense and the seller will reimburse $250 for buyer’s remorse only. 

The Undersigned Buyer has read the above conditions and agrees to abide by ALL of them in order for puppy health guarantee to be valid.

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