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Mini Goldendoodles

From our home to yours

We raise miniature Goldendoodle puppies in our home and they are our pets before they are your pets. 

Pricing and Deposit:

~Selection procedure:  Once puppies are born, I will have a "birth announcement" on the puppies page.  Then I will contact you in the order you were placed on my waiting list, to make sure you are still interested in purchasing a puppy, at that time you will declare your gender choice.  Once that is confirmed, you will have one week to mail me a check for your non-refundable deposit of $300.  Your name will then be moved to the "puppy choice list".  If we don't receive your deposit within one week, I will then move to the next person on the list for making a deposit. We do not refund your deposit for coat style or color.  If you choose not to purchase a puppy at that time, you will forfeit your place on the list.

~I will post pictures of the puppies weekly.  Once they are about four weeks old, when the personalities develop, I will contact you in the order you were placed on the "puppy choice list" to either come for a visit or to let me know your choice.  At that time, an additional $500 non-refundable amount is due at the time you pick your puppy.  You will have 5 days to send me your check, money order, or if you choose your puppy in person, then cash will also be accepted.  During your visit, you can pick your puppy choice. Once we inform you that your turn has arrived to choose your puppy, you are required to let me know your choice within 48 hours of being notified (phone call or email).  I will try to make this happen so you would have a weekend to come for your visit. You can make your choice via my website, a visit is not required. If you cannot make your decision within the 48 hour timeframe, for whatever reason, we will let the next person in line after you to choose, and you can jump back in line any time with your choice.  You will have 5 days to send me your check, money order, or if you choose your puppy in person, then cash will also be accepted.  If I do not receive that payment within five days, you may forfeit your deposits and your puppy choice.

~ When we feel your puppy is ready to be weaned (at least 8 weeks old) and ready for his/her new home, puppy pick up date needs to be arranged. If the wean date falls in the week, you must pick up your puppy by the following Sunday. If you do not pick up your puppy by the Sunday after wean date, a $20 charge per day will be applied to your balance due. This charge starts the Monday following the wean date.

~ Balance in the form of cash is due at the time of picking up your puppy. We will accept personal checks for deposits and second payment, but the final payment in cash or pay the full amount ahead of time by check. (Returned checks for insufficient funds will have a $40 fee applied.)

~We reserve the right not to sell.

~Puppies must be picked up as we do not provide any shipping of puppies.

F2B Females: $2100

F2B Males: $1900